"See All and Know All Before You Buy"
Follow our path to DISCOVERY! Use our unparalleled step-by-step process for evaluating multi-unit residential investments.
Discover the system that will once and for all allow you to be ruthlessly efficient in your due diligence, collecting, processing and analyzing the information needed to become a knowledgeable, confident, and successful trader of real estate.
This book could literally save you thousands of dollars in future deals!

Why You Need This Book

To Save You Money
Thousands of your hard earned dollars lay in the balance of the decisions you make based on the due diligence you carry out. After reading this book you will have the knowledge and skills that will quickly help you determine what properties are worth spending your money on.
To Save You Time
This guide contains a variety of examples and exhibits, proven checklists and user-friendly forms to help save you time and become a better investor through process and preparedness.  
To Give You a Competitive Advantage
After reading this book, you will have the knowledge and skills to analyze any apartment building with greater confidence. and give you an "information advantage" that your competitors will lack.

Excerpts from
"See All and Know All Before You Buy"

Chapter 1: Getting Started

The single biggest mistake you can make as an apartment building investor is to discover problems after you’ve already bought the building. There is no quicker way to stress and potential disaster.
After being taken to school and taught some expensive and humiliating lessons, I decided that I was going to make sure I never had to learn them again. To help me in this regard, I created a due diligence process manual, really a cookbook of the information needed and a recipe of what to do with that information. 
Chapter 2: Physical Due Diligence

Ok, you have had your preliminary look and have perhaps identified potential issues here and there, now you can decide if the property is worth a more in-depth look or whether it’s best to move on.
One piece of advice here: If you don’t like what you see or there is simply too much going on, don’t be afraid to pass. First impressions are often the best. I have been in many situations where an investor, particularly a new one, can’t walk away. They keep trying to justify the problems or manipulate the numbers over and over, basically tying to shove the proverbial round peg in a square hole. Don’t do it, it’s almost always a bad result.
Chapter 3: The Tour

Watch carefully and beware if the tour seems a little too staged. On many occasions, I have been guided to a specific vacant unit or been led to a tenant’s unit that has been recently renovated.
Nowadays, I will ask specifically to see an un-renovated vacant unit, if available, and will also pick a unit off the rent roll that I can see has had a long occupancy and is likely not freshly renovated. My goal here is really not to catch anyone but merely to get a complete picture of where the building sits as an income generator.

The Author

Steve DeVoe

Steve DeVoe is a professional real estate leader and action taker with 30 years spent at the commercial real estate school of hard knocks. With a creative imagination, solid business acumen, and a passion for driving results, he specializes in translating vision and planning into performance and results.

Steve has completed over 1000 commercial transactions, from leases to design builds, and from investment sales to land development. They include transactions from single family rentals, to multiple asset retail portfolios, and small lease renewals to custom home developments.

Using his 30 years of real estate expertise, he has become a published author of several informative books and articles.

Steve can be emailed at sdevoe@mcommercialrealty.com

See All and Know All
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